Recorded Session

Recorded session is one of important facility provided to students. Students, who are not available for the classes, can use this recorded session.

1. We will provide Login ID and password for the students who are registering for this facility.

2. Students can login to the portal and view the Recorded session Online as per their convenience at any number of times and can download the PPT/PDF file used in the class. (Note: Recorded Session videos can only view online and cannot be downloaded)

3. Students can access the Recorded session for One Year.

4. Students can call/Email the Trainer for their queries related to subjects.

5. Students can register for recorded session at any time and get access to the recorded session of latest batch. It is strongly recommended to attend the live session if you have no issues with the timing.

Recorded sessions are the recorded media of tutoring by instructors. Each class is recorded and stored. Registered users can access them anytime according to their convenience.

Recorded Sessions can be accessed anytime by students who registered normally using their ID and password.

Students can now also access recorded sessions per gate discipline only without live class by paying a fee of Rs 3000 which will be valid for 1 year. To register for recorded sessions alone, Kindly click the button below: